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[Issue 4] Refactoring script out of example4


Author tobrien
Full name Tim O'Brien
Date 2003-09-27 14:37:53 PDT
Message http://sstree.tigris​.org/issues/show_bug​.cgi?id=4

User tobrien changed the following:

                  What |Old value |New value
       Attachment is patch| |Created an attachment
                          | |(id=5) Patch to
                          | |example4.html removes the
                          | |script

------- Additional comments from tobrien at tigris dot org Sat Sep 27 14:37:53 -0700 2003 -------
Created an attachment (id=5)
Patch to example4.html removes the script

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[Issue 4] Refactoring script out of example4 tobrien Tim O'Brien 2003-09-27 14:37:53 PDT
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