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Original message

Author alx_bln
Full name Alx
Date 2005-07-19 06:20:57 PDT
Message http://sstree.tigris​.org/issues/show_bug​.cgi?id=7
                 Issue #|7
                 Summary|page scrolling to top while opening tree
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|issues@sstree
             Reported by|alx_bln

------- Additional comments from alx_bln at tigris dot org Tue Jul 19 06:20:57 -0700 2005 -------
if you have a larger tree so that the page is scrollable the tree isnt usable
comfortable because after opening/ closing a node it scrolls to the top.

The Reason theirefore is, that the link for opening an closing a node referes to
If you change this to '#->rowid<-' it works fine.