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Author issues@sstree.tigris.org
Full name issues@sstree.tigris.org
Date 2003-07-13 01:10:38 PDT
Message http://sstree.tigris​.org/issues/show_bug​.cgi?id=1

                  Summary: Repeated folder icons in tabletree
                Component: sstree
                  Version: current
                 Platform: PC
               OS/Version: Linux
                   Status: NEW
        Status Whiteboard:
               Issue type: DEFECT
                 Priority: P3
             Subcomponent: www
               AssignedTo: issues@sstree
               ReportedBy: tiggr

If I try sstree on your "table tree" demo, it works perfect. But after
copying your code to my own page I get a small problem::

 for (var j = 0; j < rows.length; j++) {
   var s = rows[j];
   if (matchStart(s.id, thisID, matchDirectChildrenOnly)) {
     s.style.display = newDisplay;
     s.style.backgroundImage =

Because the script changes the background image of the tr-tag, not of
the a-tag, I get the whole table row filled with folder images.

Perhabs the error may be with me, but in your html-code, you use this
to include the images::

 <tr id="1" class="a">
  <td><div class="tier1"><a href="#" onclick="toggleRows(this)"
class="folder"></a>By Activity</div></td>

This set's the backgroundimage definined in the css to the link.

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