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Author "F. Da Costa Gomez" <dcg@fixed.com>
Full name "F. Da Costa Gomez" <dcg@fixed.com>
Date 2003-11-14 05:19:59 PST
Message Hi all,

Little while ago I was working on modifying the SSTree to incorporate
columnSorting and row highlighting.

Attached is a testversion that works in IE 5+, Moz 1.6a & FireBird
0.7-nightly (Gecko had e serious bug in 1.5b & 0.7r).
There is one caveat though clicking the branch open stuffs up the
background in some way. Since I'm using it with the Tapestry framework
it does not bother me (because for some reason it works perfectly fine).
Maybe it has something to do with location settings for the .css files?

Despite the fact the backgroundi image is not visible the up-down does work.
Whilst looking at the js please bear in mind that I am NOT a developer
(just a guy with funny ideas re. software).

As you can see I used the tigris.css and sstree as the starting point
for the whole thing. Also I incorporated an inheritance-like structure
for the js to be able to treat js classes in a similar fashion to java
classes (for what its worth).

I guess I'll read the replies when they are there (or not).


Fermin DCG