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Author tobrien
Full name Tim O'Brien
Date 2003-09-27 15:31:22 PDT
Message What a relief! I finally stumbled upon sstree today at Tigris, I was
trying to customize some commercial JS tree (Tigra) for work, and I kept
on throwing up my hands in despair about how nasty badly written
Javascript can be. sstree should be featured up there with the Tigris

I submitted some simple patches dealing with the refactoring of the
Javascript out of the HTML examples. I'm working this tree into some
applications now, and I thought it would aid reuse.

One potentially controversial change I made to the scripts was the
addition of function prefixes "ssts_" - sstree simple, "sstn_" - sstree
nice, "sstt_" - sstree table.

Another request is that the HTML be made completely independent of the
Tigris Stylesheets. Don't get me wrong, I use these stylesheets in my
app, but it would be nice of the HTML didn't reference
/branding/css/tigris.css. I see four options:

1. Keep the reference to tigris.css and inst.css but add these files to
the sstree CVS under /www/css and make the import relative.
2. Keep the reference to tigris.css and inst.css, make the import
relative, and use some Ant build to download the latest stylesheets from
3. Keep the reference to tigris.css and inst.css, and make some build
tool rely on the fact that you probably have both the sstree and style
CVS modules checked out.
4. Make sstree completely independent of Tigris Stylesheets.

I like #4 because even though I use the Tigris stylesheets, I think this
option would help widen the audience for this sstree and lead to a
larger community. #3 reminds me too much of the difficult to use
process that we use over in Jakarta to build commons, struts and

Tim O'Brien - tobrien at discursive dot com

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