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Author "F. Da Costa Gomez" <dcg@fixed.com>
Full name "F. Da Costa Gomez" <dcg@fixed.com>
Date 2003-09-09 07:13:20 PDT
Message Hi,

I was wondering whether it is actaully possible to create (probably with
the help of css) a dropdown list with the following structure.
< [image] [ checkbox] [text-label] >

The image is there because people are basically visually orientated
(*not* text) and the checkbox is used for multiple selection items
(instead of the ever annoying ctl key combination).

My knowledge of css is not sufficient and I have *never* seen one
before. Just thought I would ask.

Fermin DCG

btw. did anybody have a chance yet to look at the sortable treetable yet?

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