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Original message

Author anoncvs
Full name anonymous CVS access
Date 2003-06-25 12:04:24 PDT
Message >One problem with the tree table is apparent in Safari/OmniWeb, and
>probably other Konqueror derivatives: the background arrow/folder
>widget repeats. This is sort of what I'd expect if I understand this
>and similar lines [[ elm.style.background =
>"url(/branding/i​mages/sstree/folder-​closed.gif)"; ]] correctly: you
>need to specify background-repeat: none explicitly, as the CSS
>shorthand "background" leaves the repeat at its default, which is to
>tile on both x and y axes.

I think I fixed this by just adding "no-repeat". Try it now.

I dont have a Mac to test on, so there may be other safari-related
defects that I have not experienced. I dont see it in my version of
Konqueror. I thought specifying no-repeat in the original CSS style
would be good enough.


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